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Making Emails Work

With a Love My Footy tipping competition you get many months of people seeing your logo, either when they go to put their tips in or to see how they are going on the competition ladder. In addition to this you get the added powerful marketing tool of the competition emails.

As a part of the Love My Footy service, we will send out two co-branded emails to your tippers each week. These will comprise the start of week email, which will let your entrants know how they went for the round just passed, as well as containing a fun ‘review’ of each of the matches played over that round.

The second weekly email to be sent, usually early on a Thursday afternoon, is what we consider to be the ‘reminder’ email. This second email will announce the people who picked up the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place weekly Love My Footy competition prizes, as well as include a preview of the up-coming games for the round. Both the review and preview components do a great job of keeping your emails fresh and fun, which has the outcome of getting the emails read!

To take real advantage of these emails you can include a paragraph of your own writing, which will appear as the second line of the emails. Yep, right up the top to ensure that your entrants read over it each time before moving onto either the preview or review content. We will also ensure that your supplied banner appears at the top of all emails, further re-enforcing your organisation or product.

Throughout the history of the internet emails have been proven as a great way to keep in touch, and sell to, those groups you want to target and with your Love My Footy competition you have a group of people who have given express permission for you to do just that.

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