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Why Love My Footy?

Love My Footy was created by the team at Footy Tipping Software, a company which has been producing tipping competition platforms for over two decades. With 25 plus years of speaking to people about their tipping competitions (what works and doesn’t work), we have been able to create a platform that gives you the things you need, while not bothering you with areas that won’t benefit your competition, or may make it harder than it needs to be for the organiser or tippers.

Don’t let your staff waste hours a week, create your Love My Footy competition today.

As a business that has been developing ‘tipping solutions’ since 1990, we understand how great a tipping competition can be, and also how much of a nightmare they can be to run! One example of this is a woman who used to run her company’s tipping competition via phone… that’s right, she would have clients call up on Thursday and Friday, giving her their tips. Each time this happened she would have to stop what she was doing, open the spreadsheet, find the person’s name and type in their tips. On a Monday she would need to check the results and work out how everyone went. As they had a good number of entrants, she told us that without Love My Footy it was taking her at least five hours a week!

Love My Footy was created to give businesses a cost-effective way to run an AFL tipping competition requiring little time or effort. To do this we have built a tipping competition platform that enables you to invite people into your competition, upload a banner and set any copy you would like to be included in the weekly emails that are sent out to your Love My Footy entrants. From there you can focus on building relationships with your entrants and being the person who gets to award any prizes they win. YAY!

With Love My Footy you can get real benefits from running an AFL tipping competition.