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Sample Emails

With Love My Footy we will email out two co-branded emails to your entrants each week of the AFL season. All emails sent from the competition contain your banner above the content.

This example is of the first email, which will be sent out on the Monday morning after the round has ended. This email will include how the tipper went, where they are ranked, both in your competition as well as the overall Love My Footy competition ladder, a fun review of each game AND it can include a paragraph that you would like your tippers to read. You can change this paragraph whenever you like, which is done by simply typing up your message in the Admin area of your Love My Footy competition.

Monday Email

The second co-branded email we will send each week will be the ‘tips reminder’, which will go out on Thursday afternoon. This email will include the Love My Footy winners of the previous week (you may have your own winners as well) and the coming matches with a fun preview of the games written up by our Mystery Tipper. This additional content helps to keep these emails fun, fresh and most importantly being read by your entrants; as you will be including some content specific to your organisation such as News, Testimonials or Special Offers, this is a tool that can bring even more value to your competition.

Thursday Email