A fun, fully managed AFL tipping competition to promote my business

Quick and easy to set-up and run

A Love My Footy AFL tipping competition is a quick, easy, cost-effective and fun way to both stay in touch with current clients, as well as giving you a means to promote your business, or brand, through people’s love of sport.

We have created the tipping competition platform, the rules, and a $10,000 prize pool, so all you need to do is have a think about what you would like to add to emails that go out to your entrants, if you would like to put up some of your own prizes and what banner can go at the top of your tipping competition pages.

The scoring, sending out of emails and managing of the website are all taken care of. Meaning you can focus on getting people into your tipping competition and then utilising Love My Footy to give you a great initiator for any calls or emails you make to your tipping competition entrants.

Sports Marketing works a Treat

As Wikipedia say “Sports marketing is a subdivision of marketing which focuses both on the promotion of sports events and teams as well as the promotion of other products and services through sporting events and sports teams. It is a service in which the element promoted can be a physical product or a brand name. The goal is to provide the client with strategies to promote the sport or to promote something other than sport through sports…”

In the above example, your business would be the one being promoted through our love of a sports tipping competition. Throughout the years many businesses have spent a lot of money to get an association with a sporting type, or a sporting club; think of Nike and their sponsorships with premier sporting organisations and players. While there are many great sports played in Australia the largest sporting code is AFL, and it is this sport that Love My Footy has been created for.

To take advantage of sports marketing, take just two minutes to create your free tipping competition trial right now.

Don’t want to have to worry about prizes? It’s been taken care of for you. By running a Love My Footy tipping competition your entrants automatically go into the running to take home a weekly or end of season prize; if one of your entrants wins a prize, we will let you know so you can give them the good news. Just another way we help you get the most out of your AFL tipping competition.

Get in touch today and a friendly staff member will give you a call at a time that suits you


client pic
Rhett Lennon

Just a quick note to thank you for a brilliantly run competition last year. It was effortless. I liked the fact that all our participants got a personalised email from me and I didn't have to do a thing. You made us look good.

You are on a good thing here. Well done.

client pic
Jaclyn Amoroso

Many thanks for providing us with another avenue to engage our customers in a new and exciting way. This years' tipping competition has been a talking point between customers and staff alike, a move well worthwhile. You have a great product and a great team. Your service has been A-grade all year long, and I look forward to dealing with you again in the future.

Well done to you all.

client pic
Melanie Dennis

I would highly recommend LoveMyFooty to any business to add a fun element into your contact with your current and prospective clients. If it helps your customers think of you every week when they are tipping and getting results...why wouldn't you!?