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A Footy Tipping Competition for your company.

Are you looking for an easy way to communicate with your customers?

Footy Tipping Competition Software AFL: How it works
Footy Tipping Competition Software AFL: Increase your company exposure

You can easily build and improve long term customer relationships using an AFL Love My Footy Tipping Competition.

Why run your own Footy Tipping competition?
  • Football fever is inescapable between February and September
  • Sports marketing is Australia's hottest marketing property
  • Big corporations pay millions of dollars to align themselves with AFL
Some benefits of our Footy Tipping Competition are:
  • A cost effective form of communication
  • A fun and enjoyable activity for your customers and prospects
  • Your brand is in front of your customers for 2/3rds of the year
  • Your brand is associated with the passion of footy tipping and AFL.
  • Total Prize Pool of $10,000!

Love My Footy's footy tipping system is the easiest way to get your footy tipping competition started today.

AFL Footy Tipping Competition SoftwareTell me how a Love My Footy Tipping Competition can help my business!
Love My Footy Tipping Competition

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Interested in having your own footy tipping competition offering your tippers a chance to share in $10,000 of prizes?

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Can you kick a goal?

"Thank you very much for walking into my office with the Love My Footy competition last year. I never thought a simple footy tipping competition could be so powerful..."
Garry Jackson
Barfell Industries
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